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dr. Benny electronic baby nasal aspirator

Cute, elephant-shaped body, very good suction, quiet operation.



    You can charge it from everything, which has a USB jack. Multistep charging with microprocessors. Automatic switch-off and maximal charging capacity.



    Light, designed, easy to handle product with no risk. It doesn’t cause pain or injury. The friendly elephant body can be our child’s favourite.



    It's easy to use everywhere, don't need a vacuum cleaner for this nose cleaner, so it doesn't frighten the children with it's silent operation. But despite of this it has a really strong and good suction power.



    Long-lasting, high quality Panasonic accumulator. With one single charge even 100 nose cleaning is possible. In switched off mode hold the charge for up to 2 years.



    You can easily wash the Dr. Benny nose cleaner under water with the attached cleaning brush. Disinfect the nose cleaner in boiling water just in the standard way, because the medical material in microwave sterilization can deform.



    Dr. Benny is made from high quality thermoplastic material, so you can use it for years with more children. It has TÜV and CE licencing for the best safety

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Dr. Benny Nose Cleaner

Zoli fia és barátja
Zoli son and his friend
Children also inspired development

This story began in 2010, when Zoli’s (the inventor of Dr. Benny) son got ill. They tried all the nose cleaners on the market, and he was really angry, because none of the products reached the desired effect. The one with the vacuum cleaner was perfect, but it was really uncomfortable to take the cleaner in and out every time, mainly at night. And its biggest disadvantage was that during the journeys you can’t take a vacuum cleaner with yourself.
He decided that he won’t stop until he invents a nose cleaner which is as effective as the one with the vacuum cleaner, but also can be mobilized. He sought his friend, whose family manufactures nose cleaners from 1990. He told him, what problems he realized with the nasal aspirators. They were thinking, and after it they started to design one strong, but mobile nose cleaner.
After a long engineering, the product was ready. They thought that a good nose cleaner doesn’t have to frighten the children. After long consultation with parents, they chose the elephant figure. And why the elephant is green? Why not? Why Benny? Because Zoli’s son named him after his good friend.
So this is the story of Benny. After 3 years of hard work, strict quality control, Benny is ready to conquer the world. To help thousands of babies and children with gorged nose.

In 2013 Dr. Benny was awarded with the Hungary’s most respected, innovative and quality award, the Hungarian Quality Product Award®. Before that none if the Hungarian baby products reached this big success. The creators get this prestigious award in the House of Parliament, in Budapest. Whose rank increases, that in the professional, impartial jury the TÜV, the famous quality assurance company (in 60 countries present) took part.


Costumer’s review

  • I used a nasal aspirator with vacuum cleaner, and I was absolutely not satisfied with it. It was really loud; the big vacuum cleaner has to stay near us every moment, so it was really uncomfortable. The old nose cleaner’s tank was hard to clean, even if I disinfect it in boiling water, it stayed dirty. And then I got the Dr. Benny nose cleaner, which I and my daughter really love. She really likes to play with it until I clean her nose. It’s easy to clean, because we can separate the tank is two parts. I REALLY LOVE IT! I really offer it.


  • I think this product is really good, because:The nose cleaner has perfect suction power (I tried it on myself), it can be easily cleaned, and it’s easy to disinfect in boiling water. It operates with minimal noise, and it doesn’t scare the children as much as the nose cleaners with vacuum cleaner. At night it’s easy to clean the baby’s nose without disturbing the neighbors. The figure is really nice; my children really like to play with it. It’s easy to transport, and the biggest advantage is that we can use it everywhere.


  • Hi!Here are my opinions about the Dr. Benny Nose Cleaner. Emili is just 2 months old and she is not afraid when we turn on the elephant. We don’t really have runny nose, just congestion. And Benny can easily solve this problem. Idea: Together with the ATHOMER nose spray they can suck everything from the clogged nose. It’s easy to carry in the diaper bag. And from Christmas we don’t have to charge it. I can recommend to all the parents.

    K. László

  • Finally it’s easy to clean the nose. I’m a mother of a 6 months old boy, and I had to experienced really early how hard is to clean a baby’s nose. I was really lucky because I could try among the first this new Hungarian invention. It was really good, because my son loved the elephant figure, and until he tested this new “toy”, I could make the cleaning very easily. I have just good experiences with this product: friendly figure, it’s always in hand – don’t need to use a vacuum cleaner – really effective and energy saving, it’s easy to charge from a computer, which are really good skills. As a mother and a doctor it was really important to me, that all the parts which contact the baby are made from medical material, so it’s not a problem if my small boy „eats the elephant” during discovering.

    Dr. M. Zsuzsa

  • Question less the best part of the Benny Nose Cleaner is the portability, so with it the suction is easier than with other products. We don’t need the vacuum cleaner, so it’s more comfortable to use. We can take it with us in a simple bag. Charging is really easy even in the car, and the accumulator can last for a long time. And of course, the figure is really friendly, Máté speaks to the elephant and it’s also look good in the child’s room. The noise of the nose cleaner is not loud; mostly the procedure is more frightening for the baby. The suction power is perfect, as powerful as with the vacuum cleaner.

    Andrea and Dezső

  • I had the chance to try the Dr. Benny Nose Cleaner on my son with my son. Luckily he didn’t have problem with the nose cleaners before, but in the last times I experienced resistance. I was really curious at the first time, and my son liked it at first, and then came a little fright, because he found it loud. I didn’t really understand, because the vacuum cleaner is louder. But after a while he get use to the new nose cleaner, and now he holds it, switches off and the frightening is over, because the elephant became a really good friend. I’d like to thank you to develop this product.


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Medical expertise

Infants during the first six months and later on up to the age of 3 to 4 may require nasal cleaning several times a day due to congestion in the nose. During these years in order to prevent paranasal or frontal sinusitis, to ensure a goodnight sleep and to facilitate breathing during breastfeeding and to deal with the symptoms of common cold use nose cleaner. The free airways facilitate the easeful sleep, eating and growth of the babies.
The Dr. Benny nose cleaner removes the secretion from the stuffed nose, which in and itself alleviates or even solves the problems with breathing through the nose. Dr. Benny with its effective suction and silent operation can be a friendly solution to the nose problems. It is chargeable with a USB port, so the parents can take the nose cleaner easily everywhere. The friendly, elephant body reduces the fear of the nose cleaning method.

Dr. Tibor Kovács
medical leader
Svábhegy Plusz Ltd.

I work now for 25 years with the treatments, complications and preventions of the cold. I use to work for 20 years on the Semmelweis University on the II. Children’s Clinics as an ear specialist. In this section the leader specialist was prof. Dr. Ernő Miriszlai, who developed the suction as a treatment and prevention of flu complications. I write this down, because it was important to tell, that during my work I tried a lot of nose cleaners, I have a lot of experience in this topic. That’s why I think I can give an independent, professional opinion about the Dr. Benny Nose Cleaner.
The size and the figure of the nose cleaner and the good suction power allow the Dr. Benny to clean the children’s nose really effectively. It’s important to tell, that the best suction power achievable, when we hold the other part of the nose. We should put the Dr. Benny’s sucker directly at the entrance of the nose.
The time of the suction depends on the secretion’s quantity and quality. The nose cleaning can be repeated more times during one day. My opinion is that for the suction for children should be made as many times, as an adult blows his nose during a day.
The Dr. Benny Nose Cleaner doesn’t cause pain or bleeding, because it doesn’t offend the asodilatation. It’s easy to clean, can be disinfected in boiling water. With its suction we remove a lot of infected secretion full of causative agents, so we prevent the spreading of the disease.
The Dr. Benny’s Nose Cleaner’s performance is really good among the other products, using this system doesn’t cause any injury or pain. In addition with the user’s manual’s guideline, the Dr. Benny Nose Cleaner can be used safely and effectively in everyday use.

Dr. Somi Ildikó
Children Ear Specialist
Chairman of the Orrhigiéné Foundation

Technical details

Cute elephant body with 12cm x 17cm x 7,5cm size.

Silent: It doesn’t disturb the children.

Ergonomic form: Light, designed, easily operable with no risk.

Doesn’t cause pain or injury.

On/Off button on the belly.

The 3,6 Volts, 4.5 Watts electric motor generates really good and intense vacuum with the membrane pump.

Lithium-Ion (Panasonic accumulator), which can withstand up to 2 years off.

While powered off there is no stand-by effect.

No radiated electromagnetic (EMC) noise.

Washable holder and sucker: The holder and the sucker are easy to clean and disinfect.

Works with 1 piece of 3,6 volts 1500 mAh Li-lon accumulator.

Operating hours cca. 3 hours per charging.

1 meter long USB connection for charge it or use it from any device, which has a USB jack (PC, TV, Printer, DVD player, Notebook, Car, etc.) You can also charge it or use it with the standardized phone chargers (from 2012. january).

Multistep charging with microprocessors.

Automatic charging switch-off.

Easy to use anywhere.

Easy to clean, easy to disinfect, just sterilize it in boiling water.

Thanks to the small size, you can take it with you in the car or in your bag.

You can easily charge it anywhere with the USB port.

Made from high quality TPE (medical) material without phthalates.

Medical Device: 2409


Accessories: flexible holder, sucker, practical textile bag, USB charging cable, instructions, nose spray, cleaning brush.

User manual in 6 languages.

ROHS lead free technology.

Surface Mount Technology.

Negative Temperature Coefficient thermal protection.

Maximum charging capacity

Documents to download

Instructions for use:


CE CERTISO certification:

ÉMI-TÜV expertise:


Low noise, high efficiency electric nasal aspirator, USB charging cable


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